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GLOBAL ALLOYS began operations in the spring of 2004 as a specialized carbon & alloy steel plate and processing distributor. The market was in a largely chaotic state of insufficient supply due to the improving U.S. economy, military requirements in Iraq, and industry consolidation. The company pulled together its vast resources within North America, Europe and Asia, and began to help solve supply deficiencies with steel plate and bar products. We currently supply steel plate, sheet , bar and processed parts to all corners of the United States, Canada and Mexico. We are a Veteran-owned private company nimble enough to satisfy the most complex requests serving a vast number of industries.

Lasting Partnerships

Global Alloys with its historical relationships, acquired strategic allocations for steel products with the strongest of manufacturers and struck lasting partnerships with other steel distributors and processors to assure a flow of products and services to our customers. The company's primary focus is service. We work very hard to solve problems for our customers whether they are sourcing hard to find materials or redesigning their product with new specifications in mind.

Worldwide Relationships

Our strategic relationships are worldwide. We market and sell only prime quality, certified material both as rolled and heat treated. Our products conform to ASTM, AISI, SAE, DIN and AASHTO standards.

Proven Order Entry

Our proven order entry system assures your order will be processed accurately, carefully packaged, and quickly delivered or made ready exactly then and where you need it...each and every time.

Expert Solutions

We can also help you with machining and fabrication solutions beyond your capacity by supplying first-step processing of semi-finished or finished parts. Please allow us to quote your requirements. Please fax, email or call us.

Steel Products & Specifications Inventoried

Structural & Pressure Vessel Steels

High-Def Heavy Plate Burning

Structural & Pressure Vessel Steels

  • ASTM A36 / 44W
  • ASTM A283
  • ASTM A285
  • ASTM A572-42, 50, 65
  • ASTM A588
  • ASTM A514
  • ASTM A656
  • ASTM A516
  • ASTM A387

Vacuum Sphere

Heavy Crawler Crane

Abrasion-Resistant Steels

High-Def Heavy Plate Burning

Abrasion-Resistant Steels

  • HRAR AR200-AR235
  • AR400F
  • AR450
  • AR500
  • 11% ~ 14% Manganese

Mining Truck & Escavator

Wear Strips

Mold-Tooling Steels

High-Def Heavy Plate Burning

Mold-Tooling Steels

  • AISI / SAE 4140/42 as Rolled
  • AISI / SAE 4140/42 Annealed
  • AISI / SAE 4140/42 Prehard
  • AISI / SAE 4130 as Rolled
  • AISI / SAE 4130 Quenched & Tempered (262-321 BHN)
  • 4130 Q&T P-20
  • 420 Prehard
  • A-2
  • D-2
  • O-1
  • S-7

Plastic-Injection Mold Bases

Die Sets

Chemistry Steels

High-Def Heavy Plate Burning

Mold-Tooling Steels

  • AISI C1018 Plate & Hot Rolled Flat Bars
  • AISI C1020-25
  • AISI C1030-C1045

Carbon & Alloy Bars

C1018 Hot Rolled Flat Bars

Processing Capabilities

CNC Flame-Cutting (Oxy Fuel and Plasma)

  • 11 CNC Multi-Torch Pantograph Machines
  • Flame Cut to 40" Thick Steel Plate, 144" W x 600" L
  • Plasma Burning up to 3/4"
High-Def Heavy Plate Burning

High-Def Heavy Plate Burning

High-Def Precision

High-Def Plasma Burning

High-Def Precision

Plasma Burning

Plasma Burning Process

Conveyor Screen

Durable Metal Conveyor Screen

Plate Saw Cutting

  • 32" Height x 44" Throat; up to 242" Long
  • Carbon and Alloy Steel Plate
  • Non-Ferrous Metal
High-Def Heavy Plate Burning

Plate Saw Cutting

2.5" 4140 Prehard

Thick Plate Saw Cutting

Up to 8" Thick

Plate Saw-Cut Bars

Various Thickness...

Plate Saw Machine

Fully Automatic...

Milling & Grinding

  • Grind up to 42" High & 128" Diameteron 8 Blanchard Grinders
  • Horizontal Boring Mill: 200" X-Axis (L), 94.5" Y-Axis (W), 118" Z-Axis (H)
  • Planer (Rough) Mill: 140" X-Axis (L), 60" Y-Axis (W), 35" Z-Axis (H)
  • Standard Grinding Tolerance: +/-0.005
High-Def Heavy Plate Burning

Platen Milling

Blanchard Ground Parts

Ground Platen

Blanchard Ground Platen

Hand Grinding & Deburring

High Quality Hand Grinding & and Deburring


Accept AUTOCAD compatible: .DXF, .DWG, .IGES

Value-Added Capabilities

No Job is Too Small or Too Large for Us

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Steel Products & Specifications Inventoried





Furnace Treatment

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